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Our entrance exam preparation course is designed specifically for maximising your marks on entrance exams held by most European medical and dental schools. Securing a place into a UK medical or dental school is now as competitive as ever and for that reason even studying abroad has now become competitive. Perhaps you are considering applying to study abroad as a back-up option or you have already applied?

Usually there is an entrance examination involved which is going to decide who secures a place. Although many of these tests claim to be based on a typical A-level syllabus, this is usually not the case as there are several exam boards and some questions may not even be based on UK exam boards. Many applicants are applying as graduates or have not really studies A-levels recently, giving current A-levels students a strong advantage.

As a result, we have created revision material and samples questions specifically for the type of questions you will receive in these tests. Based directly from the syllabus that these medical and dentals schools have provided and created our own bank of questions for you to practice on. All this is delivered online in the comfort of your own home, so you do not need to attend any lengthy and pricy courses in person, which do very little to focus you on the test.

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